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This makes me smile. Uncontrollably. : U

All of Hideki’s music’s awesome. Just saying. Also an awesome person to ask questions to on Twitter. : )

MIKI (from Guitar Vader) remixed by Hideki Naganuma - 塾なんか行かない [Nanka-Samba Remix]

(Don’t ask me what that title translates to; don’t have a single clue : U)

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There’s a reason why some people say the “B” in “B-Side” stands for “Best”, since this song was on the B-Side for the “I See You” EP. : P

Rhythm & Drums (Part 1) - General Bass

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You know you’re tired when…

…You somehow incorporated a Space Dandy reference in your comic, despite never seeing the show before.

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Pokemon Amie - Lampent

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phantump with #45?
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I’m sorry for taking so long will you ever forgive me

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June tasks for my hunters team, Pathfinders!

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Secret bases return!! The Litwick plush is so cute! I’m so excited to collect pluchies from all six gens!!!

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